Organizing a map or graphics-intensive project can be daunting. We’ve been putting graphic and text information on paper effectively and attractively for almost two decades. Let us simplify the process for you!

image alt textLocal Publishing

The Berkeley Path Wanderers Association wanted a map to locate the historic steps and walks in the Berkeley hills, promote pedestrian travel, and let people know about its work on the paths. We helped them develop the Berkeley Pathways Map, as of 2009 in its fifth edition.

image alt textStory Maps

A major bookstore chain wanted a map about the RMS Titanic and its fateful final voyage. It was March 1998, and movie fever was still high, but cresting. Two months later, the Titanic Reference Map rolled off the presses and onto store shelves. More than a decade later, it’s still a top seller!

image alt textRegional Clusters

The MIT Entrepreneurship Center was planning an event to promote their end of Cambridge, MA as a hotbed of biotech activity. We created the Biotech Cluster in Kendall Square map, including client provided promotional material, as a give-away at the conference… annual revisions for the next five years kept their message in the right hands…

image alt textEditorial Illustration

Our head of production cut his teeth as a teenager at Princeton University Press, and we still have a soft spot for academic publishers. We’ve done book illustrations for Oxford University Press, Chelsea Green Publishers, Dartmouth College’s Institute of Arctic Studies, and of course for our own publications.

image alt textAdditional services

For small publishers, we can provide print management services, cover and publicity design, on-demand printing, and other essential aspects of map and book publishing.