Though we have a special focus on our "home turf" of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, we publish maps that span the nation and the globe. These categories will help you find our areas of coverage.

Subject Description
Bargain Bin Products Out-of-date, out-of-print, shopworn... Not all our maps are fit to sell at regular prices, but here they are and they're yours with just the click of a mouse! * Great values * Not available elsewhere
Boston Area Maps Our Boston Maps started with the Amazingly Detailed™ maps of the Harvard and MIT areas, and have expanded to include the most up-to-date information available in this densely populated region
Iowa Maps Our Iowa titles help you navigate the urban areas of the Hawkeye State, with the clearest mapping available!
Midwest USA Maps We cover the heartland in more detail than many publishers, focusing on the upper midwest. (Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin). See here for maps of Minnesota, and here for maps of the Minneapolis-St Paul Twin Cities area.
Minneapolis & St Paul Downtown Maps Amazing detail of Minnesota's state capital and its largest city, as handy pocket maps, wall maps, and licensed artwork.
Minnesota Outstate Cities For maps of cities outside the Twin Cities metro, nothing beats Professor Pathfinder folded and laminated maps!
Minnesota (Outstate) Maps The land of 10,000 lakes is our home turf, and from the farm cities of the south to the boundary waters in the north, we make the best maps to get you around those lakes and where you want to go! For maps of the Minneapolis/St Paul Twin Cities area, see here.
Northeast USA Maps Our maps of the northeast United States explore not just the navigational challenge of our oldest cities, but their historical context.
San Francisco Bay Area Maps Our maps of the San Francisco Bay Area focus on Berkeley and Palo Alto. We think they're the best maps of their kind!
Southern USA Maps Our coverage of the south is limited, focused mainly on historic subjects.
Twin Cities Metro Area Maps We know our home towns like the backs of our hands, and we make the best maps of the Twin Cities. Period.
USA National Maps Our national titles of the USA explore the nation from unique angles, illustrating themes you won't find elsewhere!
Western USA Maps In the west, our amazingly detailed mapping includes Denver and California. Other titles discuss the area's history.
Wisconsin Maps Our Wisconsin titles cover the major urbanized ares of the state, with details no other map has, and all in handy formats!
World and World Region Maps On beyond your usual world map, our titles look at the earth from some surprising viewpoints!