Many of our products fall into specific series... some of them printed in similar formats, some aimed at a similar audience. If you like one, try the rest!

Subject Description
Amazingly Detailed™ building-by-building maps Whether of college towns or popuplar tourist destinations, our Amazingly Detailed maps give you the tools to explore dense urban areas on foot!
Campus and Community Series Our campus and community series combine our renowned Amzingly Detailed™ maps of colleges and the area around them, with street and regional mapping and a complete index.
Cities at the Millennium Series Each map in this series explores the change over time of a great American city, from the pre-European landscape through 19th-century growth, to modern sprawl. Articles, graphs and illustrations complete the picture.
College Sports Locator Maps The "where" of collegiate sports. Who plays this sport at this level? Where is that team in the tournament from? Our maps tell all...
Minnehaha Media Our series of maps meant for free, sponsored distribution. Seriously great mapping for everone!
Minnesota State and Regional Maps These handy laminated maps give you a great overview of Minnesota's regional geography, with greater detail just where you need it
Regional College Locator Wall Maps Our attractive regional wall maps take a manageable portion of the country and show you where all the colleges are.
State College Locator Series A series of handy 11 x 17" maps showing individual states, compiled from the American Higher Education Map. Some states are combined, and some maps are two-sided.
Story Maps Our story maps are Giant Fold-Outs that spin a tale over time, across space and through your imagination. Meticulously researched and designed for all ages from children to grandparents, these make great tools for education and great gifts!
Thematic College Locators Maps These maps look at special subsets of the vast number of American colleges and Universities. Included are academic and religious specializations and speciific student populations.
Twin Cities Metro Area Folded Paper Maps Old-fashioned folded paper maps of the Minneapolis-St Paul area, with the best cartography of the metro area available.
Twin Cities Metro Area Laminated Maps Our best sellers are these handy-format titles, each with maps at multiple scales to get you in and out of the Twin Cities, from the suburbs to the downtowns.
Upper Midwest Street Maps These maps fill a very particular niche: world-class mapping for the world-class cities and towns of Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. They are all meticulously researched and drawn from the most current information available, and are clearly the best (and in many case only) maps in their market.
US Metro Area Laminate Maps Our best sellers are these handy-format titles, each with maps at multiple scales to get you in and out of metropolitan areas, from the sprawling suburbs to the dense downtowns.