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U.S. Colleges & Universities by State - 11" x 17" laminated

$ 12.00

U.S. Colleges & Universities by State is a subset of our American Higher Education Map and locates all regionally-accredited 2- and 4-year schools individually by state, on a convenient 11" x 17" sheet. Due to the large/small size of some states and the high/low density of schools, some states were designed on two pages and some states (such as Vermont/New Hampshire) were combined on to one 17" x 11" sheet.

Please NOTE that these maps are from 2006, however as of late April 2022 about 50% of the titles have been updated.  We currently anticipate the balance of the new editions to be completed by the end of May 2022.  Upon receiving your order, we'll ship if the new edition is completed, but contact you if it is a title not quite done. At that point, you can decide if you would prefer to wait for the update.  Also note that images shown are from 2006 and will update upon completion of the full set.

Larger sizes of all titles also available:  16.5" x 25.5" and 22" x 34".


Format: Laminated Map
Year published: 2022 (some editions still 2006 - see note above)
Size: 17”w x 11”h