All orders $300+ to lower 48 receive free shipping.
All orders $300+ to lower 48 receive free shipping.

Tom & Jen Shea Hedberg

HEDBERG MAPS is a division of the HEDBERG GROUP. At the heart of HEDBERG GROUP are Jennifer and Tom Hedberg.  Partners in life for more than 30 years, the Hedbergs work as a team to manage and grow their multi-faceted company. With a commitment to quality, creative thinking and worthwhile endeavors, they are fortunate to have the support of a long history of amazing coworkers and industry colleagues, in addition to appreciative clients, vendors and customers that help make the day-to-day grind so worthwhile.

Tom is the amiable publisher of HEDBERG MAPS and adept at overseeing everything from inventory management to new client consultations.  Over the last few decades, Tom has witnessed substantial change in the map industry. One positive result in this digital geographic world is an increase in the public's appreciation of a well-crafted map.

Jennifer is the driving creative force behind WINTERCRAFT. An artist and inventor who dreams in 3D schematics and draws from a seemingly bottomless well of creative new ideas. She is best known for being the "Ice Wrangler" - inventing the Wintercraft Globe Ice Lantern Kit as well as exploring the medium of ice to create results of stunning beauty.

The HEDBERG GROUP's diverse categories of products and services reflect the passions and wide-ranging interests of its principals, Jennifer and Tom, who are delighted to be sharing these offerings with you!