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U.S. College & University Reference Map 8th Edition - Folded Paper

$ 14.99

The most popular map in Hedberg Maps' higher education category! Updated for 2022!!  

A great tool for prospective college students and their parents, high school guidance counselors, and educational planners! This map locates more than 1,400 top colleges in the US and Canada. Schools are identified as public (red) or private (blue). A handy school locator index is printed along the bottom of the map. 

The back of the map contains a grid of the schools listed in alphabetic order by state and features contact and comparative information.

(Note: images shown from earlier edition - new images uploaded soon. Thanks for your patience)

Format: Folded Paper Map
Year Published: 2022
Unfolded Size: 39.5"w x 27.125"h 
Folded Size: 5.65"w x 9.625"h